How do I access LinkedIn Learning?

All full time and part time Johns Hopkins workforce members have free access to LinkedIn Learning resources through Johns Hopkins.  You are not required to have a professional LinkedIn account in order to use LinkedIn Learning through Johns Hopkins.


You can access LinkedIn Learning directly by selecting the LinkedIn Learning website link.

You may also access LinkedIn Learning from the myLearning home page or through the LinkedIn Learning mobile app on your mobile device.

LinkedIn Learning support for JHM staff - please submit a ticket to the Learning Technology and Innovation team using the "submit a ticket" link at the top right of this article.

LinkedIn Learning support for JHU staff - please contact the JHU Learning Solutions team at

Accessing LinkedIn Learning Through myLearning

Step #1 - Access LinkedIn Learning

1.    Go to:

2.    Open the Education category.

3.    Select LinkedIn Learning.

- OR -


1.    Log into myLearning.

2.    On the Quick Links menu, click LinkedIn Learning.

- OR -

Mobile App

From Google Play or from the Apple App Store, locate and install the LinkedIn Learning mobile app. For more details, refer to the job aid for LinkedIn Learning Mobile Login Flow.

Step #2 - Connect to Personal LinkedIn Profile (Optional)

On your first log in to LinkedIn Learning, you may connect your JH LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn profile.

You are not required to connect your accounts. Select a response based on your preference.  You can change this setting later.

Step #3 - Confirm Your Identity

When prompted, click Accept and Continue as… to confirm your identity.

Step #4 - Search on LinkedIn Learning Home Page

The LinkedIn Learning home page displays.

Use the Library or the Search field to locate courses of interest.

To learn more about LinkedIn Learning features, search for the course How to Use LinkedIn Learning.

Accessing LinkedIn Learning Through the Mobile App
1.    Click Sign in with your organization portal.

2.    Enter your company domain name.

3.    Confirm your company account.

4.    Login to your company SSO.

5.    Enter your LinkedIn profile credentials (if you have connected your profile).

6.    Start learning!

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